Tuesday, November 25

Birds for the Holidays

Holiday Decorations Complement This Bird
Just out and about today. Holiday decorations are complemented by the local birds.

Monday, November 24

Different Fall Colors

Part of this Tree FELL, in Fall
In years past, people such as RANTWICK and ANNIEBIKES had contests for cyclists to send in their photos of fall color. Alas, it seems nobody is doing this in 2014, though there are plenty of cyclists enjoying the autumn weather. I decided to look at fall color a bit differently this year. First up, the tree at the top of this post really put the "fall" into the term. Actually, it split rather than fell if we want to get technical.  The fallen portion of the tree has now been removed.

Green Mistletoe in a Mostly Bare Tree
Second, in North Texas, as in some other places, mistletoe keeps the color green in trees that otherwise turn pretty bare. We've got pines around as well, but mistletoe seems like it fits the season better.

Finally, we get some browns from the Texas State Nut, the pecan. Nope, I'm not the official state nut! Interestingly, the pecan is separately, the State Tree.

Pecans, the Texas State Nut

Sunday, November 23

Whirligig Whirls and Twirls

By popular demand, though the wind was fairly light today, here's the local whirling and twirling.

Friday, November 21

Texas Oddities

Sometimes, Texas Oddities Stick to a Texas Theme, as in this Birdhouse
 Occasionally, we need reminders that people like things that are considered whimsical or odd, even in places such as Texas. Earlier, HERE, I noted oddities along my commute route. Separately, HERE, In took note of "yard art" in Ocean Shores. Out this morning, I noticed new and different whimsical items in Colleyville.

VERY Elaborate Windvane!

Monday, November 17

Texas November Snow

Our Street, in February 2010. "Snowpocalypse"
It snowed last night. In mid November. In North Texas. No, the photo above wasn't last night's snow, though it shows how it can snow on our street way down here. Rather, our latest frozen precipitation is shown below. The photo below shows our current snow dusting, along with a Fergus that seems to have gotten MUCH larger than HERE virtually overnight. I expect that the snow will all be melted by this afternoon, but November snow in Texas should not fall without comment, even if there wasn't enough to make a pretense of cross-country skiing. Perhaps on November 22nd, we'll break the old snowfall record of five inches, set back in 1937. Unlikely, but we shall see...

Fergus Discovers Snow at 7 Months. It's COLD!
The Snow is OFFICIALLY a Record According to the NWS Record Report